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Stock oristarcorp organization founded in 2000, is a manufacturer of stainless steel (stainless steel) top in Vietnam. In recent years our company has been building a network system at national buyers. 2004 needs to build ownership of the Industry sector. we established the factory organization oristarcorp Ltd. Hung im initially provide commodities industry box tubing, 2008 organized by installation serial throwing machine production line of stainless steel coil lines with diverse decorating the . everyone is now the largest supplier companies VN’s most famous stainless steel in the world such as Italy, England, Spain, clicking India, Taiwan …

Besides marketing staff caste, devoted always passionate love my job at the same time, our company has developed systems nationwide customers at the same time always are in demand in the future development cooperation community helpful.
In the neighborhood for 20 years, has now Stock oristarcorp serve thousands of property buyers tens of thousands, with different sectors: cement, oil and gas, shipbuilding, Beer, Sugar, Dairy Products, Chemicals, food, water tank, Household Appliances export, Construction, Home Decor, Elevators, Engineering, manufacturing Engineering, Fertilizers, Health, school Environment, water supply, Electricity, Cars, Motorcycles , Bicycles, refrigeration electrical Engineering, Fisheries, washing machines, …

field work

Business stainless steel (Inox)

distribution pipes, stainless steel box (at the same time civil industry), Vegas angle …

Export imported stainless steel ones.

advising microcredit products Inox.

Orientation conducted

Our main purpose is to conduct good domestic market and establish institutional channels tao.Cong popular company always welcomes partners all over the country come to us. we are hoping that the cooperation with the sustainable cooperation and jointly conducted.

people always strive to actively explore innovative shopping for items at the same time always increase the feasibility of marketing to bring our customers the products achieve the highest efficiency, best service

Our efficiency in the construction depend precise, strategic vision at the same time looking after the professional buyers.

First Word allows you to be the head of the company I would like to send Stock oristarcorp customers Say

good health at the same time the most respectful greetings. We wish you a successful day buyers and prosperous.
During more than a decade working in the field of distribution and distribution of stainless steel in the market of Vietnam, we have created not only the best in terms of quality but also at a national customer reviews high season rates for service creation, service and after-sales relationship always create lasting partnerships benefit the communist party.

the quality of buyers was authenticated for the conduct of their constantly affirmed walk toi.No our precise moment in the past.

with diverse creative source, multi-category was introduced in the company known around the world, stainless steel items people are almost always correspond to the needs of the buyer on how to do, quality and range of their gia.Chung honored as innovators for good that even the most demanding customers are also satisfied. we always ensure simultaneous obligation under former customers about our products.

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Current factory people work with scatterings of modern fiber transmission, the most modern in the world, with the expert guidance of the country at the same time excluding the ranks of workers, skilled craftsmen with ownership accreditation system the most stringent possible to create good products required to self-improvement nhat.Luon we die principle of our company. Depth understanding of the standards at the same time making criteria, professionalization, effort and responsibility in helping to always pay attention to the success of buyers is our main target.

bearing making this site, we wish to make to the buyer you authentic information about the items, the technical standards. thereby bringing Sticky practical things for customers. everyone would like to thank the continued support, at the same time the valuable feedback of the buyers for you company throughout the last moment.

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